Monday, May 9, 2011

Okay. Maybe change is good sometimes.

We had a crazy windy thundery rainy storm this morning. (Oh and by the way, God, I didn’t miss how perfectly you matched the events of my morning to this storm. It was very fitting and actually made me feel good when you sent those huge thunder boomers into Wisconsin. Oh and another “by-the-way”…thank You so much for waiting until I was home so I didn’t get caught in the wind and rain.)

Have I mentioned the lovely pair of mourning doves in this blog before? If not, we have a LOVELY pair of mourning doves that visit us and our feeders and our birdbath many times a day. They are a couple of my favorite birds. They form a bond with each other (when you see one, you know the mate is close by too) and apparently they bond with the people that feed them also.

I’ll write more about the mourning doves later….back to my topic at hand.


Sometime during the storm this morning, our bird bath tipped over and blew off the deck.

When I walked by, this is what I saw.

To the left of this confused mourning dove is where our bird bath typically is.

Of course, I knew the mate would be somewhere near. And it was.

In a pinch, he took a drink from a puddle on our deck....but it was our puddle, so he was safe.

They were patiently waiting to get a nice long drink and maybe a bath from our birdbath. Bless their little hearts!

I love how they rely on our birdbath. It makes me feel good. But REALLY Mr. and Mrs. Dove…there were GALLONS of rain that poured on you this morning….there were puddles galore to splash around in.

But they both sat patiently for me to fix and fill the bird bath.

And I did.Of course.

The thing is…maybe we need a change in our lives every once in a while to stir things up and to force our minds to explore different puddles to splash around in.

Ours may not be the best bird bath out there, Mr. and Mrs. Dove! I love that you consider our bird bath yours, but it is kind of gross and it isn't very pretty. I know you come to our house because you 'feel the love' and I want you to continue visiting. Just don't get stuck in thinking we're the only bird bath out there! It's a big wide world to explore and experience!

“Change is not pleasant, But change is constant. Only when we change and grow, We’ll see a world we never know.” ~From Wisdom of The Orange Woodpecker


  1. Love it! Those mourning doves are the best. However, in that first picture, I thought that the lump where the birdbath used to be was a dead mourning dove that was squashed by the windblown birdbath. I was SHOCKED that you would blog about it. But then I looked closer and was relieved. :)

    Yes, change can be good. Even though it sucks in the beginning.

    You rock, Mom! I've missed your posts!

  2. Haha! Well, we're all lucky that the mourning dove wasn't squashed by the birdbath...given my fluctuating emotions, it may very well have been the topic of my blog!

  3. You were right with this. Change IS good. It turned out to be very VERY good.